We are all part of the Body of Christ, created to serve others in love through our God-given gifts and passions. God is depending on us to show love to all the world…beginning in our homes, and expanding to our schools, workplaces, in our community and throughout the world!While only a few may travel to serve with our brothers and sisters in distant countries, there are opportunities for every one of us to serve in places and ways closer to home. We’re eager to help you discover your place in this Jesus community.


    Committed to walking alongside of people in the church, community and world to encourage and support their physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health through grace, love, and the resources God has given us.


    Committed to guiding, teaching, growing and supporting children, youth and their families with grace, faith, hope and love and using the resources God has given us. Equipping all children, youth and families to serve as the heart, hands and feet of Jesus in the world through relationships, generosity and service.


    The worship services at Abiding Hope do not fit such classifications as traditional, contemporary, or even blended. Different musical styles and genres are used in the context of worship. There are a variety of worship leadership teams for all ages and abilities. Each team strives to lead and promote active, authentic, inspirational, and transformational worship in the telling of the story of the Risen Christ.


    Committed to welcoming guests and members, to bring them into full participation in a faith community of life-giving relationships with Jesus and each other.



    Committed to reaching out to, connecting with, and serving others in the community and the world while supporting all people as they discover their gifts and passion, and connecting them to ministry and mission teams where they may be wholly unleashed to serve as the heart, hands and feet of Jesus in the world.


    Often our worship is referred to as the “worship of the people”, stemming from the Lutheran tradition of putting worship into the hands of the people more than the clergy. At Abiding Hope, nearly everything is put in the hands of the people. There is a huge variety of people needed to make worship happen regularly and with excellence. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the following areas of service – and join in being a part of something that is meaningful and transformational.