Are You Ready?

Love > Fear

For You and For the World

What Truly Defines Us?

Power vs. Authority

It's Not Fair!

Love and Forgiveness

Are You a Witness?

The Invitation of Jesus

Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Defining Christianity


Care of Creation

Animate 6

Animate 5

Animate 4

Confirmation 2017

Animate 3

Animate 2


Ash Wednesday 2017

AH Worship of the People 6

AH Worship of the People 5

AH Worship of the People 4

AH Worship of the People

Animate - Prayer

New Year's Day Service

Christmas Eve Service

Reign Brilliantly 23

Advent Worship Service

Reign Brilliantly 22

Reign Brilliantly 21

Reign Brilliantly 20

Reign Brilliantly 19

Reign Brilliantly 18

Reign Brilliantly 17

Reign Brilliantly 16

Reign Brilliantly 15

Reign Brilliantly 14

Reign Brilliantly 13

Reign Brilliantly 12

Reign Brilliantly 11

Reign Brilliantly 10

Reign Brilliantly 9

Reign Brilliantly 8

Reign Brilliantly 7

Reign Brilliantly 6

Reign Brilliantly 5

Reign Brilliantly 4

Reign Brilliantly 3

Reign Brilliantly 2

Reign Brilliantly 1

Trust Brilliantly 6

Trust Brilliantly 5

Trust Brilliantly 4

Servant Tour 2016

Trust Brilliantly 2

Trust Brilliantly


A Generous Life 3

A Generous Life 2

A Generous Life

Brilliantly Generous


Good Friday

Maundy Thursday

Live Brilliantly 5

Live Brilliantly 4

Live Brilliantly 3

Live Brilliantly 2

Live Brilliantly 1

Ash Wednesday

Shine Brilliantly 4

Shine Brilliantly 3

Shine Brilliantly 3

Shine Brilliantly 2

Shine Brilliantly

Love Brilliantly 6

Love Brilliantly 4

Love Brilliantly 3

Celebrate the Light


Love Brilliantly 2

Love Brilliantly 1

Give Brilliantly 6

Give Brilliantly 5

Give Brilliantly 4

Give Brilliantly 3

Give Brilliantly 2

Give Brilliantly 1

Abiding Hope India

Give Brilliantly 1

Serve Brilliantly 3

Serve Brilliantly 2

Room for Hope

Serve Brilliantly 1

Bread of Life

I AM the Bread of Life

Farewell Message



Go Forth in Joy

The Joy of Love

April 18

The Joy in Mystery

Easter Worship

Return to Life

Broken Vessels

In Return

Return Policy

Return on Investment

Return to Sender


Whatever It Takes


Sudden Impact

Love Wins

By Grace God Gathers Us

A Life Worth Giving 4

A Life Worth Giving 3

Kill the Messenger

Do It

Experience This Series

Get Over It